Home Alarm Systems

Our home alarm systems are designed to give you the peace of mind you deserve.

With the latest developments in security technology, we are also able to install a wide range of internet enabled Smart Alarms. these give you full access and control of your home or business where ever you are.

Texecom Connect Wireless Alarm System

Texecom Connect uses technology to make peoples lives easier, not more complex. 

Interact, Control and Integrate your home with Texecoms wireless security system.

Texecom Connect opens a world of possibilities by providing three new connectivity options which enables you to have complete control over your home.

The Texecom Connect SmartHub also includes Z-Wave home automation, opening up connectivity to a wide range of 3rd party home automation devices 


Texecom Connect SmartHub
Texecom Connect SmartHub

Smart Solutions

Because Your property deserves the best security

  • Home entertainment systems
  • Controllers for home appliances
  • Garden sprinklers
  • Automated blinds
  • Audio communications
  • Premier Elite Smart Locks
  • Lighting
  • Temperature and humidity sensing
  • Thermostats
  • Radiator valves

The Texecom SmartHub not only connects to your security system, but also is compatible with a whole multitude of smart devices which can be connected such as:

Connect Directly to your mobile

The Texecom Connect App is a smartphone app for iOS devices. Using the app you can control a variety of different home automation devices and end user control to Texecoms premier Elite range of professional security systems. 


are a user friendly way of describing the programming actions that are used for automation. The Texecomm Connect App is programmed on the basis of cause and effect. 

A range of recipes can be grouped into system modes, so certain recipes only take place depending on the mode of the system (E.g. you may want to have the app to message you when someone is at your front door in situations where you are not at home)

The Texecomm makes it simple to connect all of your smart devices and easy to create custom recipes 

Texecom Smart Application being displayed on two different smart phones

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