Access Control Systems

We install Access Control, Door Entry, Keycard and Fob systems and Integrated Control systems.

Access Control

Why are access control systems important?

Most importantly access control systems are a simple way of enhancing your security, therefore giving you the peace of mind your premises are protected from unauthorised entry

Access control and door entry sytstem
Identity Verification

Restrict unauthorised access to the premises and reduce theft, hence increasing the safety and security of your employees and visitors

Time Management

Login online and easily add or remove key holders, giving you full control of who accesses your premises

Reduce Energy Bills

Access control systems know which areas of a building are being occupied and can be programmed to turn off your lights and heating to reduce costs.

Door Entry Systems

Have you implemented door access systems for your business?

Door entry systems are fast becoming a safer alternative to the traditional lock and key systems

Door entry system with camera and intercom
Zone Control

Allow multiple levels of access to restrict entry to unauthorised personnel, as a result dramatically increasing your security

Increased Security

No need to replace lost or stolen keys, simply remove access from lost or stolen key cards and fobs

Lower Insurance Premiums

Investing in a door entry system will let insurers know your property is secure and safe therefore lowering your premiums

Key Cards and Fobs

Are you still using traditional lock and key systems?

Key cards and fobs are part of a simple yet extremely popular access control solution that benefits any organisation.

Cost Effective

No need to replace a full locking system if a key is lost or stolen because key cards can easily be deactivated

Increased Safety

Give your employees and customers the peace of mind that there will be no unauthorised access to the building

24 / 7 Monitoring

Manage access and view room entry information with any internet enabled device enabling you to save time and money

Integrated Access

What does integrated access mean?

Integrated access devices are customer premises devices that connect to a larger network and the internet, therefore giving you more control over your business

Access control and door entry sytstem
Cost Efficiency

Remote services technology can enable facilities and safety personnel to effectively manage multiple sites from a single central station.

Increased Security

Add a further level of safety by ensuring the security team is alerted to any problems and dispatched immediately.

Identity Management

Identity management means you can monitor employee access and departure – which is very well suited to Time and Attendance recording

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