DIY SOS - Little Lever

This Autumn we were thrilled to be a small but significant part in the BBC's DIY SOS Television series. During September, Mono and hundreds of other like minded volunteers and businesses descended upon Little Lever to assist the BBC change one very lucky family's lives. 

The Family

A FAMILY from Bolton will feature on prime time television as builders descend on their home to give it a total makeover.

The home improvements are being made to make life that little bit easier for nine-year-old William Taylor-Mann, who has severe autism.

William’s condition means he has an underdeveloped sense of danger, and actively attempts to climb through the windows at his home.

For his safety, he cannot be left unsupervised upstairs.

The house has also suffered flood damage due to William turning on the bathroom taps and leaving them running.

The youngster is also extremely sensitive to noise which often makes sharing a bedroom with his siblings Scarlett, aged eight, and Penelope, aged one, very difficult.


The Big reveal

With Some Help from Mono Fire and Security, and 300 other volunteers, The Taylor-Manns families dreams come true.

Working around the clock for 9 solid days, the DIY SOS team and volunteers transformed the families home into something they could only ever dreamed off .

Teams started with construction work to the back of the Taylor Manns property. their existing conservatory was demolished and replaced as the additional space was required to ensure Williams bedroom could be on the ground floor to keep him out off harms way. 

Once this was complete the real hard work began. With over 30 workers inside the house at any one point finding the space to fit all the electricians, joiners, plumbers, plasterers, groundwork men and allow them the space to complete their work was a logistical challenge that even the Royal Mail would struggle with. 

The determination of the volunteers and DIY SOS team was unparalleled and only 9 days later the families home had been transformed into a safe haven for William to develop and grow in a safe environment.

DIY SOS Little Lever

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