Mono at VentureFest 2018

Find out how we got on at the Innovation conference hosted at Manchester Central 

13th September 2018

VentureFest Innovation Winners 2018

Last week we decided to stop by at the Venture fest conference hosted in Manchester. The conference was showcasing the latest innovations and products to come out of Greater Manchester and it didn’t disappoint.

The shows main focus was the Annual Innovation Showcase Competition which was open to start up and scale up companies from across the region. Twelve companies had been short listed from more than 170 entries across four categories – Product Innovation, Service Innovation, Digital Innovation and Innovative Established Business.

Hosted by OBE Priya Lakhani the innovation showcase truly lived up to its name and delivered some of the most innovative products of 2018

Product Innovation

Winners - Reach & Rescue Ltd

This year’s product innovation winners was Reach and Rescue Ltd – A Wigan based company that have been making waves across the globe, and for all the right reasons.

Their aim was to cut the risk to fire-fighters when attempting to rescue members of the public from downing in hazardous waters. Fire-fighters put themselves in just as much danger when attempting a rescue and the need for a product 

They have now designed a 17m telescopic pole which is used to reach dangerous areas from a safe location. This innovation has dramatically cut down the risk to firefighters when they are called out to a potential water rescue. You can see more of the life saving products they have created here

Reach and rescue LTD Life saving telescopic pole in action

Service Innovation

Winners - Urban Chain Ltd

One of the most innovative and technologically impressive products to come out of the innovation showcase was urban chains ground breaking block chain based project aimed at removing the middle men from everyday transactions.

Imagine a world where you can switch energy suppliers in real time depending on who has the cheapest prices at the time, or being able to switch banks instantly because you want a better interest rate.

Urban Chain are making strides to make this a reality and their possibilities are endless. If block chain technology makes its mark on the global economy and becomes an everyday part of life as expert analysts have predicted, then this innovation will help hundreds of thousands in the years to come. 

Find out more about Urban Chains goals here 

Digital Innovation

Winners - Corporation Pop

Leading the way in the digital innovation category was Corporation Pop, a Manchester based digital based agency that has broken the mould when it comes to app development and their latest innovation – Xploro® won the digital innovation category. 

They identified children who are seriously ill often felt scared, alone and uninformed when it come to discussing and dealing with their diagnosis. 

Xploro® is a mobile application that uses augmented reality, game play and artificial intelligence to deliver health information to patients, in a way which makes them feel empowered, engaged and informed, whilst having fun at the same time.

A long term goal is for this application to be rolled out to people of all ages and it is definitely a product to keep an eye on. Read more info here  

Whitham Mills hydraulic tipping solution inaction

Innovative Established Business

Winners - Whitham Mills Engineering Ltd

In the Established Business category, Whitham Mills engineering Ltd took the 1st prize for their innovative hydraulic tipping solution.

Tesco recently announced its plans to commit to sending zero waste to landfill and this prompted Whitham Mills Engineering to come up with their tipping solution.

Located now at ten different UK Tesco stores their solution is proving a huge success and is now contributing to Tesco fulfilling their zero waste to landfill commitment.  See how this solution is working for Tesco here 

To wrap it up

Manchester is the Innovation hub of the North West

The day as a whole was insightful and full of innovation, It was a great opportunity to see some of the brightest individuals and organisations showcase their solutions to problems that many of us face or will face at some point in our lives. 

One of the most eye catching displays on show was the ‘rocket car’. Aiming to beat the current world land speed record within next year (an incredible 1000 mph) they are aiming for) it shows that anything is possible with the right amount of dedication and passion.

So here’s to me hoping in the near future that Mono Fire and Security will be aiming to reach new heights and possibly find their selves showcasing some of the latest innovations in the Fire and Security industry. With a bit of hard work and dedication anything is possible (even becoming a sponsor for the worlds fastest land vehicle, we can always dream)

How the ‘Rocket Car’ looks before Mono Fire and Security started aiming high

Visualisation of how the ‘rocket car’ would look if Mono fire and Security were part of the sponsorship team

VentureFest Innovation showcase