Is your property secure?

Since 2017 burglaries in the UK have increased by 30% So what can you do to ensure your property is safe from 

With the prospect of finding ever increasingly valuable items in the home, the number of burglaries has risen drastically since the start of 2017. So what can you do to ensure that your home or property is secure from intruders?

External Doors and Windows

Intruders are always on the look out for properties with doors and windows that look unsecured. Here are some of the top things to look out for when checking to see if your windows and doors are as secure as possible from intruders 

  • Choose locks that conform to British Standards (BS3621) or has at least five levers. Speak to a qualified locksmith for more advice if you are unsure.
  • Double glazing - Check that your windows require a key to unlock. Windows that can be opened by simply turning the handle are targeted by intruders as they are less secure therefore allowing easy access into your property
  • Multi-point, bi-directional locking system - You can tell if your door has multi-point locking, as the handle will have to be lifted before the door can be locked.

These are just a few of the things you can check to determine the strength of your properties security. If you would like a more comprehensive document outlining what standards your windows and doors should adhere to you can view the Master Locksmiths Association  guidelines for home security here .

Window Shock Alarms

If you aren’t at home and an intruder breaks your window, chances are your neighbours will not hear it, or they will simply wait to see if they hear a second smash, which is usually not the case.

Window shock alarms are seen as a visible deterrent for intruders.

These devices detect any breakage, shock or vibrations and activates a 110db siren on detection. Window shock alarms can be easily installed and are considered a cost effective way of making intruders aware that your property has been fitted with anti-intruder devices.

 According to the Which? Magazine survey, 60% of ex-burglars agreed they would find an alternative target if they found a home alarm system at the property they were looking at breaking into. 


CCTV Installations

CCTV installations are by far the biggest deterrent for criminals who are looking to break into your property. There are many options to choose from when having a CCTV system installed, you can find out more here

If you already have a CCTV system in place at your home or business here are some top tips to help ensure that your property stays protected all year round.

Cleaning your camera lenses is vital. Ensuring they are free from dust, bugs and from any other environmental obstructions enables the best possible picture of the criminals in the event of a break in.  If possible locking your housing unit with a padlock will make it as diffuclty as possible for intruders to vandalise 

If your CCTV is in a housing unit, ensure that it is secured to the wall and if possible locking the unit with a padlock will make it as difficult as possible for intruders to vandalise  

Even a 1 TB hard-drive can only realistically record up to three weeks of video footage so ensuring that you regulary back up or delete unwanted content is vital

Having a professional security engineer inspect and maintain your CCTV system is the most reliable way to ensure that your property is being protected to the highest standards.  

Burglar Alarm System

Intruder alarms are seen as one of the most visible forms of deterring intruders from breaking into your property. Over 60% of burglars surveyed admitted that seeing an intruder alarm on the outside of a house was enough to make them reconsider entering thee premises. 

With over 650,000 homes being broken into every year having an intruder alarm viable on the outside of your home reduces the risk of break ins by 98% 

Most insurance brokers will give you a cheaper policy if you can prove that your home is secured to the best possible standards. This includes CCTV cameras, intruder alarms and any devices that can be secured to your windows and doors to make them 

We can set up your alarm so in the event of a break in the authorities are instantly alerted. This can also be partnered with an audio sounder device which alerts the intruders that the authorities are on the way.

Having a professional security engineer inspect and maintain your Burglar Alarm System is the most reliable way to ensure that your property is being protected to the highest standards.  

Is your property secure?